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May need new web hosting service.

Does anyone know of a good, not terribly expensive service that can host my website? I was using
and they were good but things have started to deteriorate since they became For example, I just received an email now (at 2:30 am ) that someome sent me at 2:00 pm yesterday. And I have been having trouble signing onto webmail as well. Not acceptable. These things were not happening before. If anyone has any ideas let me know. Thanks.
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Anyone interested in going to this?

This is my dance teacher's troupe performance of this years student recital (which I will not get to see since I will be in Buffalo) so I am going to the troupe show on July 16th instead. If anyone is interested let me know. You will see some great dancers. Better, in my opinion, than the one at Marrakech.

Here is her website if you want to check out her and her troupe members:

Troupe Arabesque
@ Casablancas in Old Town Alexandria

The Wonders of "SEVEN"
A theatrical dance production with the theme of 7….numbers have inspired, frightened, and enlightened since the beginning of time. Explore the number 7 with us as we move through the ancient and modern wonders of the world and more….

Sunday, July 16th 1-3:30pm (doors open and food ready by 1pm, show starts at 1:30)

If you missed the 1st show (June 11th), then you have an opportunity to see Troupe Arabesque perform "SEVEN" in a more intimate setting. Discover the dance as it was meant to be experienced; up close and personal. Or join those who come to see both shows! Each show has something unique to offer.

$25 per seat, includes an all you can eat Moroccan buffet, RSVP to Rafi @ 703.549.6464
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Hey, I have noticed that there is no dancing lately (unless there has been and it is just a secret kept from me.) I think that you people who are organized and organize things should organize something. Yeah. See my excellent excuse for not taking this task on myself is I am an old yuppie workahlic and I don't know what is going on in that hip party world. This is a really good excuse. yes? (and actually is rather true - sigh...)
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Sigh. I am always busy. I don't know how to change that mood icon thingy so I am always busy. Of course I really am almost always busy so I guess it is okay.