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We won!!!

We (Cherry Blossom Bombshells) beat Scare Force One! (who kicked our asses last time by something like 40 points)

It was a VERY exciting bout. If you know anything about derby and would like more details click

The entire first half and half of the second half we were leading, they would close the gap some, we'd pull ahead more, they would close the gap a bit. The lead was never big, it would vary from a few points to 20 at the max I think so it was always very close. But at the end they had a couple of really good jams (meaning we flubbed those jams) and were catching up. Last jam, both jammers got called out on majors and it was a jammerless jam, then 2 seconds later, the game ended. The score... 75-75, the first tie in DCRG history.

The crowd goes wild!

So, we went into overtime, as a jammerless jam! So a blocker from each team had to assume the jammer position while the jammers stayed in the box. SF1 had Condoleeza Slice jamming and we had Speedy Gone Braless. Speedy is not a jammer. Slice is. The rules: there is no lead jammer, the jam goes a full 2 minutes, points start on the first pass. So Slice get through the pack really quickly getting her team 4 points, Speedy is having a harder time but gets through before Slice laps the pack, getting 4 points for us. Slice enters the pack gets a point here, a point there. Our blockers are doing a great job keeping Slice back. Speedy does the same, a point here, a point there, (she look so tired by now but keeps pushing on!) GOLDRUSH knocked SLICE down! (Slice is bigger than me, Goldrush maybe weighs 125 lbs).

The jam ends. We think that SF1 has one more point than us. It is quiet and sober on the CBB side. On the SF1 side there is whooping and celebrating. (They, apparently, also think they have one more point than us). Refs calculate the score... 83-83. A second overtime!

The crowd goes wild! (Except for the SF1 fans who are actually booing.) The entire crowd is standing by this time.

New jam, same rules as before: there is no lead jammer, the jam goes a full 2 minutes, points start on the first pass. This time we get to pick a new lineup. Goldrush is jamming against Lenore Gore. Each team has their strongest players on the track. Lenore breaks through first, Goldrush right on her heels, getting 4 points each. They both start scoring more points on their second pass. SF1 gets 2 players called out on major penalties during this jam (thanks, guys!). Therefore, every time Goldrush passes both of the two remaining SF1 players on the track, she gets 4 points (she passed ALL the in-play SF1 players, therefore gets 1 point for each SF1 player in the box). With half their blockers in the box it is a breeze to hold Lenore back, But still she has scored some points, as has Goldrush. The jam ends. Both teams are quiet. Refs get the scores together (longest 10 seconds ever). The Deutsch Bag calls out...


Final Score: 95-91
Hells yeah! We're going to the championship, baby!!!..

If you don't know anything about derby, very little of what is behind the link will make any sense, but you can click anyway if you like clicking things.


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