We won!!!

We (Cherry Blossom Bombshells) beat Scare Force One! (who kicked our asses last time by something like 40 points)

It was a VERY exciting bout. If you know anything about derby and would like more details click Collapse ).

If you don't know anything about derby, very little of what is behind the link will make any sense, but you can click anyway if you like clicking things.

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(no subject)

Need dingy DC/VA dive serving scotch and preferably good waffle fries. Quiet, in other words, not crazed dance club. Please respond with sugestions ASAP. Thanks!
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(no subject)

Top Hat Girl.... YOU!!!! You and your crazy "come back to the hotel" talk
WHERE is Alka Seltzer Morning Relief when you need it????
Gotta pack the car
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Okay, who is going to Nation this Thursday? I have not bought tickets yet. Do you think I should buy them in advance or take my chances when I get there?

Bitch, moan, complain, whine, whine....

Why must I be sick and inches from death now when I had plans for the evening that I REALLY REALLY wanted to participate in?? Note that I have had no fun things going on for the past 2 weeks or so - I had plenty of time to be sick before. I think I'll go kick something except my body is so sore that it will probably hurt me. Maybe I'll kick a pillow. Not that anyone is reading this since they're ALL OUT HAVING FUN!
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